Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Infographic: Should I Buy Long Term Care Insurance Policy?

Long-term care insurance is an efficient way to cover expenses like home care, adult day care, nursing home and assisted living. Its cost can be high, coverage may be limited and there are many people who are living beyond the age cap. 

Is it advisable to boost to get long term care policy or boost your retirement income? The facts and figures below can help you come up with a sound decision whether to buy long term care coverage or not.

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  1. Long term care insurance pays for care services and supports that are normally not covered by traditional health insurance. These services are often necessary as a result of chronic illnesses, injuries or disabilities that leave individuals unable to do basic tasks by themselves. Therefore without this insurance, the possibility that your family will experience negative impact most specifically in financial matters is high. shows different types of long term care insurance available in the market. Some of the policies can even be customized according to what the client needs. You don't need to be wealthy to be able to afford ltc insurance, just ask your agent or financial planner ways to find possible solution to get insured. Remember, long term care costs are expensive too!