Friday, January 23, 2015

10 Tips When Buying Long Term Care Insurance

There are myriad of options when buying long-term care insurance. Having a lot of choices is clearly an advantage but there are some people who find this complicated. It would help if you would familiarize yourself from important facts and figure first. This is highly recommended in order to get your hands on a long term care policy that is within your budget but can still provide you with comprehensive coverage in the future.

Here are the top ten tips that you need to keep in mind when getting insurance for long term care:

1. Long-Term Care is Not the Same with Traditional Medical Care
2. Long-Term Care Can be Expensive
3. There are Options to Paying for Long-Term Care
4. Find out if Long-Term Care Insurance is for You
5. Pre-Existing Condition Limitations
6. Find out Where You Can Buy Long-Term Care Insurance
7. Be Sure to Check With Several Companies and Agents
8. Advertisements Can Be Misleading
9. Make Sure the Insurance Company is Reputable
10. Be Sure to Review Your Contract Carefully

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  1. In addition, when buying long term care insurance, you have to take note that the policy you will get includes the following important features:
    1. Company Reputation
    2. Inflation protection
    3. Home Health care benefit option
    4. Shared care rider
    5. Monthly benefit limit instead of daily
    6. Care coordinator services
    7. Cash benefit
    8. Zero day elimination period
    9. Pool of money for maximized coverage
    10. Comprehensive coverage for all levels of care
    Watch the video for full details:

    Alexandra Rivers