Monday, February 23, 2015

3 Myths on Senior Housing for Couples Debunked

The search for a senior care community for an aging parent or both parents is very similar in nature. Although, there are some challenges involved when searching for the most fitting senior living options for a couple, which prevent families from seeking options even if it is the most viable option. In most cases, the ability to live together can either make or break the decision of the couple whether to move to a senior living community or not. Some of these myths are the following:

Myth 1: There are only few options that meet the needs of both partners.

-          Senior living communities today offer more services that can meet the needs of both partners. As a matter of fact, there are assisted living facilities that also provide skilled nursing services, which allow couples to live together even if the spouse is in good health and still active.

Myth 2: Two people in an assisted living facility means double the price.

-          This is not necessarily true since the cost of care is based on the level of care and not on the number of people residing in one suite or apartment. Senior living communities vary in prices but affordable options are provided to couples who prefer to stay together.

Myth 3: Mom or Dad will receive better care from their spouses when they age in place than living in a senior care community.

-          This may lead to the decline in the health of the spouse which can affect his or her efficiency in providing care. Moving to a facility is more beneficial to couples.

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